Archive for February 2019

Historian and astrophysicist Adam Becker—author of What is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics—talks about Schrödinger’s Cat, Bell’s Theorem, and the difference between weirdness and nonsense.
Writer and avant-garde publisher Tosh Berman discusses his charming new memoir Tosh, about growing up with his father, the remarkable underground California artist Wallace Berman.
Writer and Ultraculture wizard Jason Louv talks about occult history, reality tunnels, his John Dee and the Empire of Angels book, Aleister Crowley’s secret Christianity, and the apocalyptic RPG the West can’t seem to escape.
Culture-crafter and plant poet Delvin Solkinson discusses permaculture principles, OS Gaia, cartomancy, visionary art, design activation, and the Galactic Trading Card Oracle.

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