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Guru’s Child
A conversation with artist and man-about-town Naropa Sabine about Shakti, self-formation, rural ashrams, and growing up with a Tantric guru for a dad.  
A conversation with author Gregory Alan Thornbury about 70s Jesus Music, apocalyptic politics, and his biography of the Christian rock star Larry Norman: Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?
A conversation with designer and snowboarder Sijay James about archaic revivals, neotribal design, mystic powder, flow, and falling with style
A conversation with Scottish poet and novelist John Burnside about Henry Miller, the flight from society, sexual braggadocio, folk ballads, Taoism, and his arresting book On Henry Miller: or How to Be an Anarchist (Princeton)
A conversation with alt-lit novelist, poet, and artist Tao Lin, about Terence McKenna, feeling happy (or not), degenerate humans, writing trip reports, and his refreshing new non-fiction book Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change (Vintage)

Expanding Mind
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