Archive for March 2017

Spiritual leader and integral theorist A. Hameed Ali talks truth in the post-truth era, the method of inquiry, science fiction, and his new book The Alchemy of Freedom,written under his pen name A. H. Almaas. 

Joshua Tree homesteader and former Arthur editor Jay Babcock talks about turkey vultures, Vipassana, wildlife stewardship, and the communities of purpose he has discovered in the desert.
Canadian musician Sarah Davachi talks about analog synthesizers, reverberating cathedrals, attention spans, and her amazing new ambient drone album All My Circles Run.
Ecologist and wildlife tracker Meghan Walla-Murphy talks about following bears, reading the landscape, and cultivating relationships across species (and political) lines.

Criminologist and law lecturer Charlotte Walsh talks about freedom of thought, neurotechnologies, religious exceptions, and how the role human rights might play in the decriminalization of psychedelics.

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