Archive for September 2016

Author and esoteric theologian Richard Smoley talks about Canaanite deities, the apolitical Jesus, spiritual wine, and his new book How God Became God: What Scholars are Really Saying about God and the Bible.

Writer, culture critic, and musician Greg Tate talks about free jazz, Black modernism, spiritualized futurism, and his new collection Flyboy 2: the Greg Tate Reader

Legendary occult book-dealer Todd Pratum talks about rejected knowledge, growing up Californian, book synchronicities, and the loss of knowledge in the age of the Internet.

Author and journalist Claire Hoffman talks about TM, yogic flying, belief, and her new memoir Greetings from Utopia Park: Surviving a Transcendent Childhood

Speculative fiction writer and book collector Jack Womack talks about flying saucers, modern myth, UFO blueprints, and his new book Flyings Saucers are Real!, which samples from his extensive UFO Library.

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