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  CyborgNinjaFox2.pngAn inspiring discussion with writer, feminist, and historian of science Donna Haraway about cyborg companions, animal loves, and why the Chthulucene is a better name for our era than the Anthropocence. Donna's new book is Manifestly Haraway, which collects “The Cyborg Manifesto” with the “The Companion Species Manifesto.”

witch.pngWriter, curator, and occult practitioner Pam Grossman talks about feminist witchcraft, the power of images, the deliciousness of mystery, and her new book What is a Witch, with art from the amazing Tin Can Forest.

10401599_410274269132478_1413933645_n.jpAlchemist, writer, and artist Brian Cotnoir talks about the Emerald Tablet, stereograms, the transformation of matter, and the alchemy of film.

Rocket-Engines-300x300.jpgBritish author Kester Brewin talks about rockets, Ken Kesey, charismatic Christianity, and his new book Getting High: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Dream of Flight (Vaux).

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