Archive for April 2016

hos.pngA conversation with Hearts of Space radio producer Stephen Hill about the rise of contemplative and ambient music, the trouble with the “New Age” tag, the psychology of sonic space, and the business of niche music distribution.

grindhouse3.jpegA chat with journalist Kara Platoni about growing virtual limbs, questioning the cyborgs, and hacking our experience of the world. Kara's new book is We Have the Technology: How Biohackers, Foodies, Physicians, and Scientists are Transforming Human Perception.http:

dyd.pngAn inspiring chat with Jeremy Crawford, one of the lead designers of the new edition of the classic role playing game. We discuss identity, the multicultural multiverse, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the sacred absurdity of terrible dice rolls.

dream.pngA conversation with dream researcher Kelly Bulkeley about big data, the dreaming brain, and keeping the door open for the weird and wonderful.

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