Archive for March 2016

net-eye.pngA conversation with author and journalist Andrew Hultkrans about Puritans, predictive profiling, and the problems with social media in the era of Big Data. For a recent article from Hultkrans, read

space-art-jonathan-keats.jpegA conversation with conceptual artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats about Buckminster Fuller, biomimicry, and making pornography for God. Jonathon's new book is You Belong to the Universe.

fludd.pngA conversation with the historian of esotericism Egil Asprim about re-enchantment, cognitive science and occult experience, and the magic of role-playing games.

langlitz.pngA conversation with anthropologist and historian of science Nicolas Langlitz about mystic materialism, the revival of psychedelic research, and the return of perennialism in the age of the brain.

oak.pngA conversation with human rights activist, artist, and psychedelic culture crafter Annie Harrison, aka Annie Oak, about her work with the Women's Visionary Congress, the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, and the Full Circle Tea House.

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