Archive for April 2015

A lively talk with religious philosopher Alexander Bard about network metaphysics, psychedelic spirituality, digital narcissism, and his book (with Jan Söderqvist) Syntheism: Creating God in the Internet Age.

A talk with game designer Jeff Howard about spellcraft in digital games, the grammar of the occult, and his book Game Magic: A Designer's Guide to Magic Systems in Theory and Practice.


A talk with professor R.S. Deese about Aldous and Julian Huxley, transhumanism, ecology, and the future of our species.  fish-and-frogs.jpgxlMedium.jpg

A talk with professor Stephen Finley about hoodoo, metaphysical blackness, and his co-edited volume Esotericism in African American Religious Experience: "There is A Mystery…" raaa.png

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