Archive for August 2013

Algorithms, drum circles, and the trouble with mirror neurons: a talk with software entrepreneur and computational neuroscientist Paul King, visiting scholar at UC Berkeley.

Sacred geometry, Earth Mysteries, and the New Right: a talk with Dr. Amy Hale, author of the controversial paper "John Michell, Radical Traditionalism, and the Emerging Politics of the Pagan New Right." 

Artificial life, doom porn, and the crucial shift from the Internet to the cloud: a fascinating talk with Tom Barbalet (founder of Noble Ape, an important a-life environment) and KMO (host of the C-Realm podcast). Their upcoming event:

Objectification, enchanted science, and the tango of sex and spirit: a talk with Conner Habib, anthroposophist and gay porn star. Follow Conner on twitter: @ConnerHabib

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