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Apocalyptic paradigms and their effect on the consciousness of the individual.  How to heal from single mindedness is examined in this discussion with Disinformation author Gabriel Roberts, as we delve into his new book Born Again to Rebirth.

Spiritual nomads, Green hermeticism, and the trouble with technological time: a talk with Peter Lamborn Wilson, author of Green Hermeticism: Alchemy and Ecology and many other classics.

Egytomania, imperialist guilt, and snorting mummy dust: a talk with cultural historian and horror critic Roger Luckhurst, author of The Mummy's Curse: The True History of a Dark Fantasy.

Hedonism, utopia, and Tim Leary's 24 selves: a talk with R.U. Sirius, author of Timothy Leary's Trip Thru Time.

Fitness, religion, and the complexities of the Encinitas yoga court case: a talk with Carol Horton, author of Yoga Ph.D: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body.

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