Archive for May 2012

Warrior spirit, the golden ratio, and turning into a star in the sky: a talk about energy and healing with Chinese medicine doctor Kelvin deWolfe.

Bridging hi- and low-brow, publishing as community building, and the Radium Age (1904-1933) of science fiction. A talk with Joshua Glenn, editor of and the new imprint HiloBooks.

Charismatic Christians, technologies of the spirit, and the legacy of the Jesus Freaks: a talk with anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann, author of When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God.

Intentional partying, neotribal ritual, and building a community of spiritual orphans: a talk with Eve Bradford, writer, performer, and event organizer.

DIY magic, the mysteries of museums, and how art inspires today's esoteric revival: a talk with curator and writer Pam Grossman, co-founder of the Observatory and organizer of the current group art show "Sigils & Signs.";

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