Archive for February 2011

The Red Book, Jung's prophecy, and libertarian gnosis: a talk with Dr. Stephen Hoeller, author and Regionary Bishop of Eccelsia Gnostica in Los Angeles.

DMT Entities


Serpentine eyeballs, parapsychology, and the question of entities: a talk with David Luke, president of the UK's Parapsychological Association, and senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich.

Liminal science, electro-acoustic guitar, and humanizing the hive mind: a wide-ranging chat with Michael Garfield, live painter, writer, and avant-guitarist/songwriter.

The Megabook


Mediated revolutions, ancient libraries, and the technological uncanny: a conversation with technoculture critic and blogger Matthew Battles, co-founded of and author of "Library: An Unquiet History".

Expanding Mind
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